“A person’s work is nothing but a long journey to recover, through the detours of art, the two or three simple and great images which first gained access to their hearts.” ~Albert Camus

15 April 2013

Greetings, it's been awhile! Life has whirled me in multiple directions, to include all things Amazonian. I'm determined, however, to get back on track sharing with you visual stories and photojournalisms on Site & Site. Thanks for bearing with me and for stopping by!

Here's a recent talk I gave at the The Annenberg Space for Photography as part of the phenomenal 'no strangers: ancient wisdom in the modern world' exhibit.

*Prezo disclaimer! I was super sick and high as a kite on sudafed for this one, but determined to deliver these important stories of the Amazon and what it is to be a 'photoactivist'...Check out the trailer for the exhibit below, then hear my talk "words, pictures, action!"